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Developing and maintaining a reputation as a business committed to sustainable development is a core value of our company.

To deliver sustainable development, we will:

  • lead by making business decisions consistent with achieving sustainable development;
  • communicate Jengco’s Environmental Policy and procedures to all relevant stakeholders including employees and others working on our behalf;
  • comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, statutory obligations and relevant voluntary codes of practice;
  • ensure employees and others working on our behalf are aware of and have the necessary skills to fulfil their environmental obligations with respect to Jengco’s operations;
  • implement and encourage work practices that reduce or eliminate adverse environmental effects and risks that may be associated with our services and operations;
  • work with our clients to help them achieve their environmental objectives and obligations;
  • set objectives and targets, measure progress and communicate results as a means to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance;
  • periodically review and revise our Environmental Policy and procedures to maintain their relevance; and
  • develop and maintain environmental management systems that meet ISO 14001 requirements.

We will respond in a responsible manner to the environmental challenges in areas of our business and it is the responsibility of all employees to support and implement this policy.

Stuart J Jeffrey

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