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Jengco is well experienced and resourced to provide load-out related services.  With professional personnel, purpose built equipment and a desire to be the 'first choice' service provider for load-out and load-in in the region, Jengco is capable of managing the full scope of these activities.

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Load-Out Services Presentation
The list of activites below is indicative of the detail to which Jengco will normally involve itself during the planning and execution of a load-out/load-in.
  • Pre-planning, including participation in:
    • Vessel selection,
    • Cargo sizing,
    • Mooring plans,
    • Ballast plans,
    • Berth selection.
  • Cargo readiness reporting & pre load-out inspections,
  • Sea-fastening design & fabrication,
  • Land transporter selection, appointment and management,
  • Route surveys,
  • Cargo weight reporting/determination,
  • Lift studies - preparation and sign-off,
  • Rigging supply,
  • Cargo pre-deliveries,
  • Quarantine & cleanliness checks/sign-off by quarantine agent,
  • Berthing,
  • Ballasting, ballast pumps & operators,
  • Port liaison,
  • Shipping agent liaision,
  • Clearance agent & Customs liaison,
  • Bunkers,
  • Direction of stevedores and port supplied plant,
  • Sea-fastening installation, non-destructive testing (NDT) to engineers/client/MWS requirements,
  • Liaison with the appointed Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS) Company,
  • Route planning and weather enroute,
  • Sailing,
  • Preparation at next port for receipt of cargo,
  • Cutting, removal, re-use and/or disposal of sea-fastening materials,
  • Discharge,
  • Deck cleaning,
  • Off-Hire arrangements.
Ballasting Systems
Jengco has invested in ballasting equipment through the purchase or near new pump sets and design and fabrication of its own high capacity ballast pump sets.

Pump sets are regularly maintained, pre-checked for self prime and flow rate prior to mobilisation to any project.  All pumps are provided with Alfagomma or Sunflex heavy duty suction and discharge hosing, complete with Bauer style quick couplings.

Should a client require Jengco to prepare ballast plans and calculations, qualified and competent personnel will be assigned to prepare plans & calculations to a standard suitable for review by the appointed Marine Warranty Surveyor Company.

Pump mechanics, tank testing (explosive atmosphere test), ballast crews and supervision can also be mobilised, given reasonable notice, as required to meet project requirements.

Equipment Details
Mark 1 Pumps
Mark 2 Pumps
Alfagomma T203 Hoses
Sunflex WSD150 Hoses
Quick Couplings

Mooring Systems
In addition to the acquisition of equipment for ballasting, Jengco has also invested in mooring winches. Our asset list includes 2 x 15T mooring winches and electric/hydraulic power packs.  Our units are sized such that a pair of winches and power packs can be shipped in a single 20ft ISO container.

Winches are load and brake tested in accordance with the requirements of ASME B30.7, to 110% and 125% of rated load respectively.

Additional winches and be sourced using local and international contacts.

Should a client require Jengco to prepare mooring plans and calculations, qualified and competent personnel will be assigned to prepare plans and calculations to a standard suitable for review by the appointed Marine WarrantY Surveyor Company.

Any requirement for fenders, gangways, mooring gangs can be met via our contacts and liaison with port operators and stevedoring gangs.

Equipment Details
15T Mooring Winches

From simple dog plates and lashing, to complex sea-fastening arrangements typical of modularised gargoes and large tankage, Jengco has the experience, contacts and capability to turn around large quantities of transport steel, grillage and sea-fastening.

Through an network of engineers, detailers and fabricators, Jengco can quickly and economically deliver quality sea-fastening components alongside cargo.

Should installation be required, Jengco is up to the task also.  Jengco can plan, mobilise and coordinate labour (welding crews, scaffolders, riggers, helpers, cutters, supervisors, NDT technicians, electricians, security) and equipment (welding machines, generators, lighting, ablutions, etc), in sufficient numbers to ensure minimal time at berth.
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